Art Sale and Auction!

Exciting news – my husband and I are moving back to Oregon! Woo hoo! In an attempt to reduce the amount of artwork I have to pack and ship, while also increasing my bank account to help pad the woes of driving a 9 mile per gallon moving van across 5 or so states, I’m happy to announce an online art sale and auction!  Bidding will be open until June 3rd, followed by an in person art sale at my home studio for local friends and clients. Anyone in the continental USA is invited to bid, shipping will be added at cost with no ‘handling fee.’   I have oil paintings, prints, original illustrations and more ready to find a new home!

I will do my best to post images of the art in the next few ‘news’ posts with comments enabled to facilitate the bidding. All bids start at $10 – a massive value for original and sometimes framed artwork!

Happy viewing, happy bidding, and thank you so much for supporting the arts and artists like me!