Pet Portraits for Editor’s Choice!

I have exciting news! The Daily Corgi (one of my very favorite blogs) is hosting their annual Halloween costume contest and I’m proud to be offering the Editor’s Choice prize this year!

The Daily Corgi is a place for all things corgi, from Pembroke to Cardigan, mixes and more. Our pup, Pocket entered the costume contest last year: she went as a chicken, which she already thought she was. I made the costume for her and she loved wearing it as much as we loved looking at her in it. She didn’t win the contest, but we’re not sore losers at all. I’m offering a 5×7 custom pet portrait for the lucky winner (and his/her human). Choose from a finished illustration style, or a more whimsical and sketchy style. The prize can also be used to apply towards a more expensive purchase (such as an 8×10 or 11×14). Below are illustrations 1. of my horse, Misty and dog, Amber: both deceased and 2. our little Pocket pup.

Choose from a tight, outlined style
Or choose a more sketchy and whimsical style

I’m also proud to announce that I’ll be donating $5 to benefit Corgi Aid from every purchased referred from the Daily Corgi until the end of the year. So check out the blog, enter your furry friend and I hope you’re the winner! If not, be sure and get that promo code to use for your next purchase and help out some corgis in need. Get on over there and check it out! (Even if you don’t have a corgi to dress up, it’s worth checking it out)