Hot dog, Miranda's carving again.

I had the honor of supplying the Klamath Yacht Club with limited edition block prints to be used for their awards in their annual Firecracker Regatta. I hadn’t carved a block print in a few years, but despite the tediousness and neck pain that comes with it – i was inspired to do some more carving. One of my four beautiful hens is a black and white (silver laced) Wyandotte. She is truly striking and inspirational of a very special chicken portrait. i would ultimately like to offer my services as an artist to others looking for a special representation of their favorite hen (yes, we chicken folks really love our pet hens). Olive’s portrait turned out beautifully.

"Wyandotte Hen" Linoleum Block Print (with detail). 2010 Limited Edition, 8x10, $50.

I used two plates to create the two color print. Each print is uniquely textured at the base, and not all are perfectly registered but i think that adds to the ‘folk art’ look that chickens evoke. If you are interested in purchasing a print of my sweet Olive, email your inquiry to MirandaMueller at Gmail dot com. I will also consider all inquiries for customized hen (or dog or cat or horse or boat) portraits.