Activity Abounds!

Things have been pretty crazy in this here studio lately. I’ve been really vamping up my soap making business: Nude Soap! It’s pretty awesome, smells great, and is getting more legit every day. I’m still working on brainstorming more ecommerce and marketing strategies, but the recipes have been honed and i’m super clean 🙂

Focusing on that business tends to distract me from this one, however. So i’ll be focusing on some new projects at the drafting table soon. I’m excited to announce pet portraits and MURALS to be added to my repertoire very soon. As always, i’ll provide original artwork at budget prices to liven up the lives of my clients and their children (or pets!).

In other exciting news: Snackit Adventures: Bedtime Snackit is just about finished! I have the proofs and they look great, so watch for the arrival of a super fun book about bedtime snacks and and the critters who thieve them. I’ll be posting interior illustrations here soon as well, so come on back and check it out!

Original Name Illustrations, Custom Invitations or Announcements, Murals and Pet Portraits: No Dream is Too Big!